About Us

Hello and Welcome to nysquare.com

Do you love your pet, your home, your car & everything you have in your day to day life.  .

That's why we created our website, to make sure that you receive the best and the highest quality products that the market can offer.

So, who are we?

Just recently created our first website with content that being updated every day. In our shop we offer products for all your needs. Some of the products are custom made by us and some are imported to our shop. Most important thing is that EVERYTHING IS TOP QUALITY! either if it's made by us or being imported to us.

We all want around the world to enjoy our products, and for that reason we offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING to all of our catalog products.

Our site is being updated everyday and we are working very hard on daily basis to bring you, the customers the best products out there for retail price, so make sure you register to receive the hottest deals and sales before everyone else.

The customers satisfaction is in our top priority and for that reason we created contact us page that we can hear from you positive/negative feedbacks, improvement suggestions, and products that you would like us to sell.

Make sure you stay tuned and happy shopping!😊